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This project is situated in a green, residential neighbourhood in Nairobi (KEN). The surrounding plots are spacious with a small build-up area. 

The concept aims to re-create that same feeling, of living surrounded by green, in this mid-rise building. 
The typical floor plan holds 4 apartments of which 2 differ from each other. Each apartment has 2 'plug-ins'; a garden with a double-height space and a pool. The layout grid makes it possible for these plug-ins to shift their location at each level. This creates unique layouts, only repeated once when the garden and pool plug-ins have shifted along all grids.

The facade of the building is an expression of the grid. The depth of each individual facade grid is either shallow or deep, depending on the function it holds. It can have a window, a pool or double-height garden. This double-height garden that shifts one grid each level is a clearly readable feature of the building’s architecture.



In addition to the architecture for the building, we designed a logo for the project. The design of the logo is based on the facade of the building with its very characteristic double-height gardens. The rusty colour refers to the planned facade colour created with pigmented concrete. The tilted squares give the logo a certain 3 dimensionality.


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