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This project is a new mall in the commercial centre of Nairobi.


The concept uses the architecture of a classical Indian stepped well, as the base for the section of the mall. A theatrical staircase connects shops at the lower levels with the shops on the upper levels, whilst creating atriums along the way. Different elements have been designed to make a change in usage of the staircase possible. Besides being the main connector the staircase can be used as a walkway, display area, stage or advertisement canvas.

The building is topped with a series of loft units. These units combine working with living and space for related amenities.

The facade of the building emphasizes the building’s concept and is showing a pattern of interlocking staircases.



In addition to the architecture for the building, we designed a logo for the project. The design of the logo is based on the facade of the building with its very characteristic double-height gardens. The rusty colour refers to the planned facade colour created with pigmented concrete. The tilted squares give the logo a certain 3 dimensionality.

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