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MILTON KEYNES is a prime example of the ‘New Towns Movement’ and designed as a ‘garden city’.

The city planning is characterised by a rigid grid of roads, roundabouts and parks. Midsummer Boulevard is one of those rigid roads in the centre of the city. 

The use of the name ‘boulevard; leads one to believe that the planners had a romantic vision in mind and although flanked with lush green trees, the ‘boulevard’ seems to vacated by the intended liveliness and atmosphere.


The installation ‘boulevard mi-été’ aims to inject the road with that desperately needed bit of ‘je ne c’est quoi’.

Taking hints from the origin country of the word ‘boulevard’, an installation is created where people will gather and enjoy playing & entertainment. 

Two ‘Jeu des Boules’ or ‘Petanque’ lanes have been positioned on either side of the centrally located ‘bandstand’. Along the Petanque lanes benches are placed for spectators, using the existing steel barriers for support, and a little square has been created around the bandstand.

To ensure a romantic atmosphere, string lights are hung along the benches and Petanque lanes to create the right mood in the evening.

The whole installation is painted purple, a colour reminiscent of Lavander in France.



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