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associate director interior design

Aya Kojima is a Japanese interior designer educated in Japan and UK and worked in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. In the course of over 11 years of professional experience, Aya developed her expertise in interior design and experience design. Her speciality has been mainly retail design as working with companies like Wonderwall inc and FITCH. Her project experience is very diverse, from a 4-storey-high boutique store to a petrol station. She is a strong concept driven designer with human centric perspective. She believe that her work is to design users’ holistic experience through designing space and storytelling. She is very enthusiastic about art and design and pays an attention to details.

Aya joined PERCEPT|on to be a design lead on interior design projects in 2019. She sympathises the culture of PERCEPT|on as exchanging the team members’ ideas and thoughts with their diverse backgrounds and outstanding expertise through entire design process.

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