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managing director

Fred is an architect & product designer from the Netherlands. His career started in 1996 working in Hollywood on the blockbuster movie ‘Alien Resurrection’ as a conceptual designer, since then he has worked on various design assignments in Europe, America and Asia. In his formative years, Fred studied product design at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht in the Netherlands where he received his Bachelor Degree. The study gave him his instinctive feel for materials and detail which still can be found in his work today.

After several years of product design home and abroad, he went back to Maastricht to study architecture at the Academy of Building Arts, completing his education with a Masters Degree in Architecture. Over a period of several years he worked with renowned architectural firms; Engelman Architecten in the Netherlands and Crepain Binst in Belgium.


In an effort to broaden his horizon, Fred moved to Singapore in 2010 and worked on a variety of projects in India, Africa and Singapore. After 4 years working at a company called Space Matrix he teamed up with his then manager to start a company called Wave pte ltd. Together they grew the company and created award winning projects before starting his own in 2018.

A company that would reflect his unique view on all things design and he called it PERCEPT|on after the mantra of writer Gustave Flauber; “There is no truth. There is only perception”. 

This sentence characterizes PERCEPT|on’s ability to empathize with clients and envision projects potential through unique design.
With this vision at heart, he works with his team on a wide variety of projects that include; architecture, hospitality, interiors, placemaking, products and branding.

-honourable mention Eurogional Architecture Competition, EAP for ShadowCity | Heerlen | 2007

-selected Archiprix Netherlands for ShadowCity | Almere | 2008

-selected Archiprix international for ShadowCity | Montevideo | 2009

-project architect (Lead-Architecture, Space Matrix) best multiple residences at the International Property Awards, for Divinity | Mumbai | 2012 

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