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In many of the placemaking projects PERCEPT|on teams up with Lopelab under the umbrella of Lope|on. Here we bring two new concepts to the Paya Lebar Quarter Mall. Cinemini and The Passive Shop reimagine vacant retail spaces with mobile modules that provide entertainment value for shoppers and has the potential to generate revenue for tenants. Each activation space consists of module elements that can easily be assembled and disassembled, making them flexible in location and duration. Paying homage to their location, the modules feature Singaporean, or more specifically Peranakan, design elements and concepts, yet each project is unique unto itself. By occupying units that otherwise would have been closed off with standard hording, Cinemini and The Passive Shop provide alternative solutions to these empty spaces.


The Passive Shop

Designed for mall-goers who may have been dragged along by their more active shopper, The Passive Shop is a multi-sensory space that adds another level of fun to the PLQ Mall experience. The concept takes inspiration from the ‘husband nursery’ in Vanke Mall, Shanghai, where husbands, boyfriends and partners of active shoppers can spend time while their partners shop. Playful artworks include images of passive shoppers falling asleep while shopping and comfortable furniture provides places to relax. The space also offers plenty of opportunities to spend time offline with games like a balancing maze, a chessboard, and three buzz games in the shape of the PLQ graphic and the well know Singaporean symbols; the Merlion, and the Toa Payoh dragon.



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