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Singapore is very close to the equator and therefore the sun is very strong. 

this in combination with a tropical climate makes Singaporeans perceive the sun as a hostile element in the sky. 

Singaporeans hide in the shadows of buildings, trees and even traffic lights.

they create their own shadow by bringing their umbrella outside or avoid being outdoors in general.

The goal of the project is to change the relationship of Singaporeans with the sun.


The design aims to create a space for the public where they become aware of one of the positive aspects of the sun. 

This awareness happens in a playful, fun and lighthearted manner. 

One of the aspects is the light & reflections the sun creates by bouncing of objects materials and passing through materials in the process changing the way the (sun)light is perceived.

The sun is an ever-changing source of light, depending on the hour of the day, the time of the year and the weather conditions.

The light quality and direction changes accordingly.


The proposed design allows the sun to play with its elements. 

A variety of colours and shapes are hanging from the branches of a man-made tree.

Like a giant baby cradle mobile, they dance in the wind and throw their rainbow shadows on the plants, trees and paving, the public is witness to this play.


The use of bamboo & rattan is reminiscent of a dying Singaporean art of furniture making.

They are painted white because the design is a man-made object in a natural surrounding and should still be readable as such despite the use of natural elements.


Although the idea is to show the effects of the sun it would be a shame not to show the effect of the colours at night.

That’s why a solar panel gives energy to lamps at the base of the tree.

At night the lights take over the role of the sun and the beautiful colours will attract an audience.


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