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diamond dust 03.jpg

On cold winter days sometimes a phenomenon can be seen called ‘diamond dust’. It is a cloud of tiny ice crystals; shimmering, appearing and disappearing.
The installation ‘EPHEMERAL’ aims to make visitors aware of these transient and illusory beauties of winter. 


‘EPHEMERAL’ is a tipi inspired reciprocal tower structure with a tarpaulin hanging from the tower’s scaffolding members. Aboriginal patterns painted with glow paint lit-up at night decorating the tarpaulin’s outside. Inside ice panels are slowly twirling in mid-air on nearly invisible fishing lines via fishhooks, creating a large chandelier of ice crystals.
Facing outward, seated on a circle of benches, the visitors are quietly observing the play of lights on the tarpaulin surface which is produced by the artificially backlit ice slabs. 


Each ice slab holds local plant seeds, leaving a small trace of flowers behind when the slabs melt. Thus emphasizing the installation’s own ephemeral existence. 




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