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The restaurant/cocktail bar CAFE B moved into the very popular neighbourhood of Club Street in Singapore. The owner wanted to focus on making great cocktails. We responded with a design where the cocktail maker, also known as Mixologist, is the centre of attention. This approach becomes especially clear in the design for the bar. The bar is divided into two islands acting as a stage for each individual Mixologists. Lamps with lenses throw a focussed theatrical light on each island where the Mixologists can show his skills, like an actor on a podium.

In addition, we designed portable drink trollies for the restaurant on level 2. This way guests can order a cocktail with their food. This becomes a one-man show with the Mixologist creating the cocktail 'live' at their table.


The building that CAFE B moved in to has luxury finishes and didn’t require any changing. All additional furniture is therefore perceived as art objects in a gallery space. The different shapes for the tables, chairs and even accessories are guided by a geometrical theme and designed especially for CAFE B.


photos © Amit Mody, WAVE
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