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The project is the renovation of a relatively old condominium in Singapore. The building was designed in a ‘tropical architecture’  style, relying on natural ventilation and allowing for a lot of green. Over time this initially clean floor plan has become cluttered with additional functions and spaces.

The concept is to revert back to that clean floor plan and section whilst adding a function room and a larger pool as requested by the brief.

A strong pedestrian axis is introduced, starting at the main street and ending at the back of the plot. The axis passes through several nodes which contain the amenities of the building such as; lobby, toilet, function room and gym. Stringing them together into one linear path emphasised by the floor pattern, wall texture and even, a full plot length, linear LED light embedded in the floor.


In addition to the architecture for the building, we designed a logo for the project. The design of the logo is based on the outline of the building with its very characteristic balconies. The vertical light line symbolizes the newly introduced axis through the building, which initially was conceived as a linear LED strip starting at the main road and ending at the end of the plot.

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